Shorthorn Project

Shorhorn is awesone project
revolutionize your world
created by Skulltrail. Special Special thanks to Svyatpro, responsible for directx module

What is Shorthorn Project?

Is a project to transform Windows XP/2003 in a moderns systems, with beatiful interface, compatible and very fast, based in One-Core-API tecnology


The Fastest Windows System ever created. Many improvements over XP/2003, including in games


Based on NT 5.X architecture, you can both run windows very old computers and lastest computer


With Windows Shorthorn and One-Core-API system, you can run both old and new applications

Bealtiful Design

The interface is based on Longhorn/Vista Interface, with plans to port DWM and Aero Glass System


The packages to build owner system and One-Core-Api are free and open-source

One System

Based on One-Core-Api tecnology, the core system is one. Transparent for your and applications

Shorthorn Modules

The project is divided into some modules or subprojects, like this:


A subproject to provide compatibility with newer apps, based on wine and reactos

Shorthorn Builds

Compiled builds based on Longhorn features introduced on Server 2003

Ported Applications

You can enjoy exclusive Vista+ application directly on your XP/Server 2003.

Kernel Mod

Several drivers need new functions, and we can run with kernel modded.


Many work was made. But, we can use these work and you can see some screenshots about it